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Hobe Care Pack ($22)

20,050 RWF  

/ Pack

747 item(s)

This Pack contains:

Maize Flour 5kg
Beans 4kg
Sugar 1kg
Soap Bar 1pce
Rice 3kg
Nootri Family 1.5kg
Thank you for your generous contribution! Your Pack will be delivered to the identified beneficiaries.


We are working with local government officials and our network of generous partners to identify the vulnerable families to whom these Care Packs will go to. These are the remarkable organizations that we are in partnership with:

Roots Foundation Rwanda

Roots Foundation’s vision is to create a world where all vulnerable Children fulfill their potentials and grow up to become valuable community members. In order to strive for this vision, they believe that solving the issue of children going to the street from the root is the needed approach. Root Foundation currently serves 309 vulnerable children and their families. They also support 40 registered families. Root builds the character, talent and confidence through the personal development program, builds the mind and passion for learning through the scholarship program, and builds the parental and financial capacity of the parents through the parents empowerment program.

City of Kigali

The Social Development Unit of the City of Kigali has a responsibility to follow up and coordinate the implementation of social programs in urban Districts and to ensure their implementation plans are aligned with the National Policies; to coordinate the implementation of policies, programs, plans and activities. The packs will be distributed in different sector offices around Kigali.

A.E.R.G (Association des Etudiants Et Éleves Rescapés Du Genocide)

AERG is an association of student survivors of genocide. AERG is represented nationally at 44 Universities and institutes of higher learning and 475 secondary schools in Rwanda, with a total country-wide membership of 43,398. The main mission of AERG is to connect and represent all student survivors (those whose parents and relatives were killed during Tutsi genocide) involved in higher learning or attending secondary school.

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